ARDES is a recruitment agency that provides expert services for selecting highly qualified personnel.

We are dedicated to locating top-notch specialists, experts in their respective domains!

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We offer swift and top-tier recruitment services.

An extensive roster of professionals to fortify your businesses.

We continuously evolve and stay current with market trends and advancements.
We abide by contractual obligations and uphold ethical business standards
We aim to be the dependable partner you can rely on.
We guarantee the privacy of both our clients and applicants.

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What do we offer

And what methods we use

Selection of managers
The "Selection of Managers" service from the recruiting agency Ardes is a high-quality and carefully designed process for selecting executives and management personnel for companies that seek to find outstanding leaders on their team. We believe that quality leadership is a key element to the success of any organization, which is why our Selection of Managers service is designed to help companies attract and hire experienced, talented and highly qualified managers.
The "Recruitment" service from the recruiting agency Ardes is a comprehensive and professional approach to searching and hiring candidates for various vacancies in companies. Our Recruitment service is designed to help organizations find the best talent to suit their business needs and culture.
Recruitment of Temporary Staff
The "Recruitment of Temporary Staff" service offered by Ardes recruitment agency focuses on providing companies with temporary personnel solutions to meet their short-term staffing needs. We understand that businesses often require flexibility in their workforce to manage seasonal demands, special projects, or temporary absences of regular staff.
"Headhunting" is a premium recruitment service offered by Ardes recruitment agency, aimed at sourcing and recruiting top-level executives and industry leaders for our clients. This specialized service is designed for organizations that require exceptional talent at the highest echelons of their leadership team.

Stages of our work


Step 1 - Vacancy Expertise

We receive a recruitment request from the client. In collaboration with the client, we establish candidate requirements, create job descriptions, outline the desired characteristics of potential employees, and develop a "sociological profile" of ideal candidates for the job openings.


Step 2 - Contract Finalization

In collaboration with the client, we formalize all terms of our partnership in the contractual agreement.


Step 3 - Candidate Selection

We identify potential candidates using our internal labor market databases, existing connections, media channels, and the internet. We conduct psychological and professional evaluations to match candidates with available positions, based on well-defined criteria.


Step 4 - Furnishing the Client with Candidate Profiles

We furnish the client with confidential candidate profiles containing their personal and professional information. We facilitate meetings between the client and the chosen candidates and, when needed, actively participate in these interactions.


Step 5 - Guarantee Responsibilities

We provide assistance in the employee's adjustment to the company upon their onboarding. Our warranty commitments come into effect in case a candidate does not successfully complete the probationary period. We assure a one-time free replacement or a refund of the service fee.

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